By the time you are 4, your brain is 50% programmed. 80% of that programming happens by the time you are eight. Think about that. Most of your automatic reactions and responses to any triggers, likes, dislikes, are mostly processed and generated by the time you are 8 all running like background processes on a computer.

Let’s think of your mind like a big city bus. Imagine all the versions of you as passengers on this bus. Ideally the confident, focused, and bad ass version of you is steadily behind the wheel operating this juggernaut of machinery and metal. How does your bus operate when you are tired? Hungry? Irritated? Scared? Jealous? Insecure? And consider the age when all that programming was installed?

How often does 6 year old you drive your bus? It’s an interesting thought that can help you connect some dots and notice how you generally operate in your reality. Even more importantly it can give you some insight to pull the string on with the relationships in your life.

What is the contents of your box? What content is serving you? What programming, that perhaps once kept you safe, isn’t really helping anymore?

Take the time to truly notice these things. Take the time to notice that you have been operating based on the way you were programmed. So in a way it isn’t your fault that you are the way you are. It is your fault if you choose to stay this way though. It isn’t good or bad, it just is.

Notice who you are and how you operate. Decide what you want to change. Practice a new way. Keep what works and toss what doesn’t. Rinse and Repeat.

When we are born, all shiny and new, metaphorically speaking, we come with a box. From the first moment when you open your eyes as a baby, and as you grow, all of your experiences fill up this box. Everyone and everything you interact with goes in. These learned experiences; good, bad, or indifferent filling it up as they happen. While I tell this story I want you to keep the contents of your box in mind.

These experiences are all points of data that your brain converts into information. It uses this information to create predictions and safety protocol. All of your automatic reactions and responses to your reality are all based on that programming. For Example; I was raised in a very religious home, where I was taught that seafood was dirty and if you ate it you were unclean until the next evening. It is still hard for me to eat Sushi. Take a moment to notice your own programs, while processing my Sushi situation.

This is your First Wakeup.