I want you to imagine a container. This container can look anyway you want it to. It can be a box, bucket, suitcase, or backpack. It’s design and structure isn’t really an issue, however making it personal can sometimes help this exercise.

Do you have your container picked out? Good.

Now imagine yourself as a baby. Brand new, in your mother’s arms. Or perhaps being held by your father. Notice the feelings and emotions that come up from this. Those are currently contents of your container. Don’t worry, I’ll circle back around to this.

So from the moment you are born, the second you open your eyes, and for a rare few of us, our container begins to accumulate items. These items are experiences, and events. The first blurry image when you open your eyes. The emotions you sense from your mother the first time she sees you. The sound of your father’s voice perhaps.

Keep in mind these are just examples.

As you grow the contents of your box continues to fill and begins to create programming just like a computer system. So everytime you are told “good job” or “don’t touch that”, your container continues to fill. With each event and experience more and more conditioning in place.

By the time you are four, your container is 50% full. Four years old and already half of your automatic responses programmed and in place. By the time you are eight, 80% of your programming is written. Notice that for a moment. Notice all of the things that trigger you, the things you love, the things you dislike, all set in place by the time you are eight.

This is a good thing to notice because in eight years of life we witness a lot. We witness the strengths and weaknesses of our parents. We witness their relationship with each other. We may witness that one of our parents isn’t around very often. We may be told one thing and witness the opposite. These programs can often times contradict each other.

This isn’t a bad thing. This isn’t a good thing. This is merely an exercise in noticing how you operate as a person. This is an exercise to notice how you see the world. An opportunity to see if the programs that were developed to keep you safe are the same programs that may be holding you back from your dreams.

Your view of the world, and yourself, is directly related to your view of love. It is directly related to your view of yourself. Again, not wrong or right. Just what is.

How does the contents of your container affect how you view the world? How does it affect the way you view love. Does it manifest from a place of abundance or a place of lack? The answer is consequential, however it is a good place to notice where you can start.

Programming can be overwritten. This is merely an exercise in finding your Point A. Once you know where you are, you can begin moving to where you want to be.

Take a look inside your container. Put energy into the things you want to keep and discontinue using the things you don’t want. Begin the Journey from the life you are currently living to the life you want to live.