The car crash part of this quote hits me in a very real spot.
That is because a car crash is how I intended to take my own life.
I had spots picked out too.
Yank across the lane and over a nice little cliff where there was no guard rail.
I drove by this spot everyday for nearly 2 years.
The pain we feel is very real, yet the choice to endure is only that.
A choice.
I don’t share this to be necessarily provocative.
I share it now because I know how much positive change I am making in the world.
And looking back on that spot on an old highway in Connecticut so many years ago, I believe it was the seed of great deeds and great change that kept me choosing to endure.
It is the same seed that eventually got me to leave my failing marriage.
It is the same seed that eventually got me to leave my job in the most dramatic fashion possible.
That seed was also responsible for me starting my own business and calling it by my own name.
The thing about seeds is that they have to be planted.
The thing about the seeds within us, is that they aren’t able to be placed there by other people.
Sure there is inspiration, and triggers, and events in out lives that truly activate us, but the planting of the seed…
You can only do that.
So pick something.
Empathy maybe…or compassion.
Courage or excitement.
Perhaps peace or love.
Pick one and plant it.
Give it time and space.
Care for it.
Practice being with it.
And in time it could be something to mighty.
The definition of mighty is “something that possesses great and impressive power or strength”.
This great and impressive power could probably assist you in making those choices.
Maybe even the choice to change the world.