A surprising amount of people lately have been telling me loving yourself seems selfish. 
I’m not sure people understand what selfish means. 
Selfishness does come with some self centered shit for sure! 
As if love of self implies self centered 
But there is plenty of other things that cause self centered behavior.

I’ll name a few just for fun. 
Depression, Anxiety, Stress, a feeling of Lack, Insecurity, low Self Worth, etc.

Guess we combats all that bullshit? 
Love, you a$$holes! 
Especially the kind of love you show yourself.

Buying a flat screen TV isn’t self love btw. 
Love is looking in the mirror and telling the person you see that they are ok, that they are worth the struggle, that you will stand by and see it through to the end no matter what!

That’s what the f#$& I’m talking about! 
Yes I realize this post took a turn.

I’m ok with it.

I speak the way I speak because I love it.

And loving myself isn’t wrong.